Late Night Studio Sessions

Last night, I hit up the studio with Nikki Davis (@itsnikkidavisyall) and Anthony Chad Styles (@anthonychadstyles). As you may already know, Nikki is currently working on her upcoming EP. The project is coming along well and I’m super excited to be a part of it.

A late night session wouldn’t be right without a picture moment!


Started Out at the Darby… Ended up at 1Oak

On Tuesday, I hit up NYC with some of my girls for a night out. We stopped at a spot called Up & Down first, which is also known as The Darby. In case you don’t know about the Darby, Jay-Z mentions it in his hit song “Beach is Better.”

After Up & Down, we hit up my favorite spot in the city called 1Oak (also mentioned in “Beach is Better”). Busta Rhymes and Maino were both in the building. The music was poppin and the people were vibing. Overall, great night!! More pictures coming soon. These ones are just me but I’m waiting on a few more.

A special thank you to my client/friend Anthony Chad Styles (@anthonychadstyles) who styled me for the night. I’m wearing the two-piece Eva set from his Resort 2014 collection from his line Morris by Anthony Chad and a clutch from Jim Thompson. Peep the bunny ears I’m rocking! They were a rare boutique find!!





Steph & I

Miley Cyrus Bangerz Tour

On Saturday, August 2nd I attended the Miley Cyrus Bangerz Tour in Philly at the Wells Fargo Center! It was so much fun. Important people in attendance included Zoe Kravitz and Loh Anthony.

The concert definitely came from a personal place which I loved. Miley explained to the crowd that she had love for Philly after living there for several months. She admitted that it was in Philly where she found herself and when she shaved her head.

I loved every moment of the show. But I was disappointed when she didn’t play her hit song “23”! Otherwise it was a great song and I definitely saw Miley from a different standpoint.





Rap Genius Headquarters with Smoke DZA

Yesterday I arranged for Smoke DZA to stop by the Rap Genius office and decode some lyrics. The Rap Genius headquarters is located in the Williamsburg part of Brooklyn. It sits in a penthouse space with a deck that overlooks Manhattan. It’s so chill that as an employee you could forget you’re in an office.

DZA decoded some lyrics from songs like “Hearses”, “Death of YOLO”, and “Zone.” The energy at the office was upbeat and fun. It was an experience of nothing but conversation and fun. In Flex We Trust was the official media outlet covering this moment. Shout out to Rocko and Jazlana from the In Flex We Trust for coming out!

Click here to see some of the lyrics Smoke DZA decoded.

Smoke DZA and Shawn from Rap Genius

Al-Doe & Smoke DZA


Al-Doe & DZA signing the Rap Genius board


Cupcakes DZA got the office




Studio Life with Nikki Davis

If you don’t know now you know… I’ve recently started handling public relations for singer Nikki Davis. Yesterday we hit the studio to record some music for her upcoming EP!

I’m super excited for this project. I’m a big music fan so endless days in the studio has become a norm for me. I love working hand-in-hand with my clients to create magic! I can’t wait to finally launch her EP so you guys can listen to the industry’s next big thing!!!



Ended up at 1Oak… And the Juicy J Concert

On Tuesday, I headed to New York City to run some errands and meet up and talk business with a colleague of mine. He invited me to stay for the Juicy J show at Terminal 5.

Anyone that knows me knows that Juicy J is easily one of my favorite artists. I’m a HUGE Three 6 Mafia fan so it only makes sense.

The show was amazing and I didn’t expect anything less! After the show, I partied at 1Oak which is one of my favorite clubs in the city. See pics below!






July 15th Recap – Hacking The Music Industry with Ryan Leslie

As you may already know, I’ve been working with Ryan Leslie over the past two months. He launched a very unique artist-to-fan platform that is sure to change the music industry called Disruptive Multimedia.

It’s been cool for me because I’m learning so much. Outside of being able to pick the brain of one the smartest people I’ve ever met (1600 on his SATs.. Harvard at 16.. Graduated at 19), he’s really taught me how to change the way I think. I already think outside the box but now I think further outside and am always trying to figure out how to perfect my craft.

Anywho, I’ve been helping Ryan with different aspects of press and this past Tuesday he had a fireside chat in conjunction with The Phat Startup. The Q+A was held at the AlleyNYC called “Hacking The Music Industry with Ryan Leslie.” The space was an intimate location in Midtown but the crowd was packed. He delivered insightful information to up and coming artists about how to brand themselves and make a successful career as an independent artist.