The New Face of Hip Hop? Meet Guy Harrison



Jersey native, Guy Harrsion, has been in the hip hop game for quite some time now. His success can be highlighted through his performances with Big Sean and Mac Miller. What’s up next for Guy Harrison? A lot. With a recent mixtape and a lot of plans in the pipeline, you may just be staring (or better yet, listening) at hip hop’s next big artist. Will Guy be the next to grace XXL’s Freshmen Class cover?


Tell me about the process of making your newest mixtape “Homeboy Harrison.”
I had all the beats from my homies Shepard and APOB and wrote the majority of the tracks over winter break last year.  I got a call about some studio time in DC and drove down at like 6am.  I finished the tape in two or three sessions.  I  mapped out how I wanted it to flow from song to song before I recorded it so it was easy to knock tracks out.

With a mixtape that just came out what is the next move for Guy Harrison?
I’m working on a few different projects with some really dope artists I go to school with.  I’m hoping to get those out early next year.

Are there any artists that you’d like to work with?
There’s alot of artists I think are really dope but when I work with other artists the vibe has to be there and it has to be natural.  Good collaborations, in my opinion, are done best when the artists can be in the studio together, as opposed to sending sessions back and forth and what not.

What projects are you currently working on?
I’m working on three projects right now. One with my homie Cartier Sims which is gonna be a joint mixtape, and I’m putting together an EP and a free album that I want to release next year.

How did you get into music?
I was born into a really musical family. My brother raps and my mom and sister sing so music has always been a part of my daily life.  I started writing raps when I was 15 or 16 and just had a knack for it and then started recording right before college in 2010. 

When you’re not making music what do you do in your free time?
I play basketball when I can, I watch a lot of movies and sports.  But I don’t have too much free time outside of the studio and class.

Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?
(Laughs) Everyone always asks this question and its funny because as a senior in college I’ve been getting the “What are you going to do after graduation?” question  and I can barely answer that.  All I know is that 26 year old GH is going to be more refined and knowledgeable about music, art and business. 

Have you ever had any crazy fan experiences?
[Not quite crazy but] one time I was doing a show in Boston and this kid in the front row is waving this 2 dollar bill at me.  It caught my eye so I stopped in the middle of my set, and asked my DJ for a pen and made the kids day.

What’s one interview question you’ve never been asked but wish you were asked?
People never really ask me about my team Backhand Fam.  We’re a collective of like minded individuals that are focused on music, clothing, art, and overall dopeness.  It started off my freshman year when I started making music with my roommate Cartier Sims and producer mattMiGGZ who went to Cuse at the time. The name Backhand Fam stems from this backhanded handshake we made, but it became so much more with time. We treat each other like brothers no matter what color is on the back of your hand. Now, the handshake has spread all throughout Syracuse campus and even in other areas like South Jersey, Detroit, and NYC.  We just made a really dope logo and we’re working on a collective album right now, so be on the lookout for the Backhand Fam in these next upcoming years.  


For more information on Guy follow him on Twitter @guy_harrison!

Savvy Spot: Hype Hair Magazine’s All-Star Fashion Weekend

Hype Hair Event 2013 2
Me (and John Blassingame photobombing me! Lol)

Hype Hair Event 2013 1
My co-host Erin Sanders and I

Hype Hair Event 2013 5

Hype Hair Event 2013 3

Hype Hair Event 2013 4
Me, John Blassingame, and guest.

On Sunday December 1st, I hosted the VIP Lounge at the Hype Hair Magazine All-Star Fashion event at the Marriott in Newark, NJ. I was chosen by John Blassingame, owner of Hype Hair, Black Men, and Black Woman Style Report, to host the event. I met John during Philly Fashion Week in September and he asked me to be a part of this wonderful event.

Important people in attendance at the event included Tanya Bryson (former EVP of Rocawear), Zane (author), Bernard Bronner (owner of Upscale & Bronner Brothers), and Cynthia Horner (editor-in-chief of Hip Hop Weekly). The event featured a fashion show of 15 designers as well as a Natural Beauty Contest. Overall, I had a blast meeting everyone and hosting all the VIP attendees along with my co-host Erin Sanders.

I look forward to working with John again and helping him execute many more All-Star Fashion Weekends. Stay tuned for more happenings coming soon!

Savvy Spot: Marian Anderson Gala & Award















On November 19th I had to opportunity of attending the annual Marian Anderson Gala & Award event held at the Kimmel Center in Philadelphia. This year they honored the legendary Berry Gordy, the founder of Motown Records. And of course, me being the music connoisseur that I am, I was not going to miss this event. I brought my dad along with me, as he is a product of Berry Gordy’s era of music. I knew my dad would cherish every moment of the event so I made it my job to make sure we attended. My dad and I had a blast as Kool & The Gang, Boyz 2 Men, and many other artists performed.

Chris Tucker was the emcee for the night and he had the crowd laughing (which is no surprise). And other special guests in attendance included Smokey Robinson and Governor Ed Rendell. The Marian Anderson Award is given out annually to public figures who have not just made a mark in the entertainment world, but public figures who are philanthropists and are motivated to make a difference. Past honorees have included James Earl Jones, Bill Cosby, and Oprah Winfrey.

I’m excited about attending the event next year. Stay tuned for more Savvy Spot posts!

McKinzie Chic Goes Floral: Designer to the Stars Gears Up for Fall 2013 Collection

McKinzie Chic Goes Floral: Designer to the Stars Gears Up for Fall 2013 Collection

Philadelphia Fashion Week is right around the corner. And you know what that means: an abundance of Philly’s fashion trendsetters flooding the famed Crane Arts Building to see what Philly’s fashion division has to offer. With 10 designers debuting on September 20th, both national and international designers will come to the main stage to debut their Fall/Winter 2013 collections. And this year’s lineup incorporates Philly’s very own, McKinzie Chic, a trendy women’s ready-to-wear line consisting of blazers, dresses, and jumpsuits.

The brand is the brainchild of South Philly native Sheri McKinzie and was launched during summer 2012. Since the launch of McKinzie Chic, Sheri’s unique pieces have been met with nothing but celebrity validations. Her pieces have been spotted on your favorite celebrities such as Basketball Wives’ Draya Michele, Fantasia Barrino, Bad Girls Club’s Milyn Jensen, and R&B Divas LA’s Michel’le. The hard-to-find textiles add to the exclusivity of McKinzie Chic, as each shopper is always sure to enter the nightclub or dinner date rocking a never-before-seen look. She reinvented what it means to wear a jumpsuit, fashioning sexy cleavage along necklines and accentuating jumpsuits with impeccable lining, making it the archetype way to accent a silhouette. McKinzie Chic reinvented “sexy” making it more chiseled, with her eclectic idea to use rose-patterned sleeves rather than baring skin in her Spring 2013 collection. But as she dives into fall, she is promenading once more into “rose-land,” but this time channeling Italian hedge maze gardens met with sleek city sophistication met with art dealer chic. Make sense?

So on September 20th, models will grace the runway at the Crane Arts Building in her new “Floral Chic Fall/Winter 2013” collection. Sheri has optimisms of gaining the attention of prospective buyers, jetsetters, and stylists. So she is fine-tuning the brand once more, this time from an upmarket angle.

“This time I went for eye-catching, timeless, elegant pieces. And I think I did just that. I’m trying to cross over with this collection and show that I am a versatile designer,” says Sheri on her drive and inventiveness behind the collection. “I want women to see this collection as their essential to a night out on the town or their plus one date to a friend’s wedding. The pieces can be worn almost anywhere.”

The innovative Fall/Winter pieces can’t be duplicated as she mixes up this collection by using roses that vary in size and creating a new trend of pairing long sleeves with three-quarter-length sleeves. She keeps it clean, crisp, and lustrous by sticking to strict color schemes of red, black, taupe, and off-whites but creates pieces of clean basic design. The unique textiles are what make the statement in this collection. She steers away from the mainstream market’s overly frequented basic prints and busts the seams with rare stretch materials. With only days away until her Philadelphia Fashion Week premiere, Sheri is eager for the launch of her cutting-edge collection.

“I want people to look at this collection and think ‘Hey I can see Kim Kardashian or Angela Simmons or Rihanna in this’,” she confesses. “I’m taking it there.”

It is safe to say that the new McKinzie Chic collection is a highly awaited one that you’ll want to be the first to see. Stay tuned on what’s next for the McKinzie Chic brand by checking or following on Instagram and Twitter @mckinziechic.


For all press inquiries:
Savannah Britt

Style Rock 360 at Studio Arte!

Style Rock 360 at Studio Arte!

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of serving as the official media sponsor for the Style Rock 360 event at the Studio Arte in the heart of New York City. The annual event brings together the creative minds behind innovative brands. This year Sinala Noir Public Relations celebrated the launch of a new cosmetics line Y’Sador and a women’s ready-to-wear line Kahri by Kahrianne Kerr. Both brands were absolutely amazing! Being the media sponsor for the event was a no-brainer as I am a fan of both. Check out more information on both brands below!

I will be posting many pictures from the event and be sure to check out all the live blogging and tweeting I did for the event @sav_britt.


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