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Savannah Britt is the 18 year-old socialite turned entrepreneur who is taking the entertainment industry by storm. At the age of eight, Britt wrote and published her first writing piece, a poem on as well as its bounded issue. Throughout 2004-2005 she was hired as a paid published writer as a book reviewer for “The Kitchen Table News” which had a readership of 70,000. She then developed a website for girls ages 12-16, Accompanying the site Girlpez is a hard copy magazine entitled Girlpez Fashion Magazine. The magazine has recently transitioned from print to being online only. The magazine has been seen and endorsed by some of the top people in the industry such as Amy Astley, the editor in chief of Teen Vogue. Britt is a serious socialite, as she is becoming a red carpet favorite. She’s been seen reporting and providing coverage at different concert venues for some of today’s top stars such as Chris Brown, Sean Kingston, Lil Wayne, and Leona Lewis! Along with that she has interviewed stars such as Shwayze, Lil Twist, Kevin Rudolf, and Shawty Putt.

Obama Sits Courtside!

Caption: This can’t be our President… he’s too fly! (lol)

Preisdent Obama sat courtside yesterday at the Bulls vs. Wizards game at the Verizon Center in D.C. He left during the last four minutes of the game when the Wizards were up by 17 points.
He is soooooo cool it should be illegal.


Photo Credit — Reuter

Russell Simmons Makes Guape!

Caption: Kimora — “Get money!”

In recent news, Russell Simmons has agreed to pay $20,000 a month for each of his daughters, Ming & Aoki, in child support (Yes, $40,000 total a month). He’ll be dishing out the child support money until the girls turn 19.

He also agreed to give the girls a new car every 3 years that’s valued at $60,000 or more until they turn 16.



Rihanna Out of Hiding!


Rihanna was spotted on a beach in Mexico. She’s staying in a private villa as she recovers from this whole media mess.

Anyone’s thoughts?

I think she looks great and I hope that she continues to focus on getting well soon. WE LOVE RIHANNA ♥!

Love is a battlefield.

Blazed the Catwalk!

Friday’s show “Blaze the Catwalk” went well. I had so much fun. Lisa Raye is so gorgeous in real life it should be illegal (lol). Any who.. I’ll put the pictures up later today.

Also the Couture for a Cure show went great as well. I met a lot of new people. My modeling career is definitely on the rise!

Thanks to everyone who came out and supported at both my shows!

Rihanna Picture Released — Post Beating!

Yesterday the popular gossip website TMZ released this picture of Rihanna after her beating:

Caption: Speechless.

Words can’t even begin to describe what’s running through my mind. I feel sooooooooo bad for Rihanna.

Everyone should continue to pray for her and her family.

As for Chris Brown, move to the Turks and Caicos Islands and stay there.